Member Update: June 12

Dear Member

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 and when the restrictions will be lifted, it has been decided that this year’s Captain and Lady Captain will rollover to 2021/22. As a result, there will be no Captain’s Day or Lady Captain’s Day this year.

The uncertain economic situation has also resulted in a reduction of Open Competitions and we are presently revising the programme for the rest of the season.
Competitions will commence on Saturday 20th June. Entry fee has been increased to £4(£1 for 2’s) for ordinary competitions and remains at £5 (£1 for 2’s) for Opens.
As a result of this prize money has increased and placings have also increased to first four.

Entry sheet for entry into competitions will be on the noticeboard at entrance to clubhouse and players are asked to maintain social distancing when accessing this.
Players must not exchange cards during competitions, each player marks his own card and then gets verbal confirmation from one of his playing partners. Player then signs his card and enters name of player confirming score.
Return of scores should be done electronically via the ‘enter score’ app on master scoreboard on the webpage.
All new and existing members who do not have access to this App should contact myself to facilitate this. In exceptional circumstances a players card can be sent to me on WhatsApp (photograph) and I will enter it manually.
There will be a box located at the entrance to the clubhouse for the return of all cards following competitions and again social distancing should be observed when doing so.

Finally all players are reminded that we still have to book tee times via webpage as we have been doing for contact and tracing purposes.

Thank you,

Paddy Bell